LED room uplighting service now available!

You can now completely transform the look of your chosen venue by taking advantage of my LED room uplighting service (also known as mood lighting) as an optional extra to your disco, or you can book this fantastic service on its own!

I can change the colour of the whole room, however large or small, to match your wedding colour theme!

You can choose any colour of the rainbow or, if preferred, i can set the lights to gently fade between colours all night, creating an amazing atmosphere for you and your guests!

You don’t even have to have the same colour as each light can be controlled separately so you can choose alternate colours around the room. You can choose to have the whole room lit up or just the dance floor or room entrance. The only limit is your imagination!

Using the latest in LED technology, the lights do not get hot like standard lamps can and are completely safe for use where children may be present.

Please contact me for a quote today!